South Australian Kendo Association

South Australian Kendo Association



Friday 5/01/2018 First UniSA Training for 2018, Magill
Sunday 7/01/2018 State Squad Training, Magill
Monday 8/01/2018 First AUKC Training for 2018, Thebarton


Sunday 4/03/2018 South Australian State Kendo Championships, Magill
Saturday 31/03/2018 Australian Kendo Championships, Sydney
Sunday 1/04/2018 Australian Kendo Championships, Sydney


Sunday 6/05/2018 SAKA Kyu Grading, Thebarton

The South Australian Kendo Association (SAKA) is the group of Kendo Clubs within South Australia which are affiliated with the Australian Kendo Renmei(AKR) and International Kendo Federation (FIK).

Currently the active member clubs are Adelaide Kenyukai Kendo Club, Adelaide University Kendo Club, Kendo Club of Flinders University and the University of South Australia Iaijutsu and Kendo Club.

If you are interested in Kendo and are new to Kendo, please go to the Beginners page. If you have previous Kendo experience, are interstate or international Kendoka, you are more than welcome to attend our trainings.

It is important to note that each of our clubs do not train every week of the year. So please check our Clubs page and FB pages for current information and updates about training times and other important events.