South Australian Kendo Association

South Australian Kendo Association


For anyone interested in starting Kendo you can participate in a beginners course or contact an affiliated club and enquire if they offer an all-year intake.

COST: $120 non-refundable (includes shinai bamboo sword)

DURATION: 5 weeks (classes are twice a week)


In 2020 we are running one course at Adelaide Uni Union House Exercise Studio.

AUKC and USAIKC Course - starts on Monday March 25th at the Union House Exercise studio. Classes will be conducted on Mondays and Fridays from 6:30pm.

You do not have to be a university student to join a beginners course.

The first class is free, however participants must pay course fees at the start of the second class to continue.

To ensure safe and effective group learning participants who miss classes without reason may be asked to redo the beginners course.

All you need to bring along to the first class is yourself, wearing clothing that you are comfortable training in. No jewellery (including watches and wrist worn fitbits as these can be damaged during training).

Anyone with a shinai can bring that along with you as well.

Please arrive early, so you have time to change and meet the instructors.


A dedicated children's class is offered at Adelaide Kenyukai Kendo Club. For a trial lesson please complete the form below and you will be contacted with more information.

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